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Proper installation steps and precautions of diesel pump sets
Date: 2020-06-10
The correct installation and use of diesel pump sets can guarantee the service life of the diesel pump. we sorts out the precautions for the correct installation of the diesel pump.

The correct installation steps of diesel water pump:

1. Check that the diesel engine water pump and motor are not damaged. The installation height of the diesel water pump, plus the hydraulic loss of the suction line and its speed energy shall not be greater than the allowable vacuum height value specified in the sample. The basic dimensions should conform to the installation dimensions of the pump unit.
2. Place the diesel water pump on the concrete foundation with anchor bolts, adjust the level by adjusting the wedge-shaped pads in between, and tighten it properly to prevent losening.
3. Fill the concrete behind the foundation and pump feet. Asfter the concrete is dry, tighten the anchor bolts, and recheck the level of the diesel pump.
4. Correct the concentricity between the motor shaft and the diesel pump shaft. Make the two shafts in a straight line, the tolerance of the coaxiality on the outer circle of the two shafts is 0.1mm, and the unevenness of the end surface is allowed to be 0.3mm.   
5. After checking that the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with that of the diesel pump, install the coupling and coupling pin.
6. The inlet and outlet pipes shall be provided with a separate support, and shall not be supported by the diesel engine pump body.

7. The junction table between the diesel engine water pump and the pipeline should ensure good air tightness, especially the water inlet pipeline, must ensure that there is no air leakage and no possibility of air storage.
8. If the diesel engine water pump is installed above the inlet water level, in order to start the irrigation pump, a bottom valve can generally be installed. Vacuum water diversion method can also be used.
9. After the diesel engine water pump and the water outlet pipeline, a gate valve and a check valve are generally needed (the head is less than 20 meters), and the check valve is installed behind the gate valve. The installation method mentioned above refers to the diesel pump set without a common base.
10. Install a diesel engine water pump equipped with a common base, and adjust the level of the unit by adjusting the wedge horn between the base and the concrete foundation. The installation principles and requirements are the same as those for units without a common base.

Precautions for use of diesel pumps:

1. Before starting, the rotor of the diesel water pump should be turned smoothly and evenly.
2. Close the outlet gate valve and inject into the pump (if there is no bottom valve, use a vacuum pump to evacuate the water) to ensure that the pump is filled with water. There is no air nest.
3. If the vacuum pump or pressure gauge is installed on the diesel engine pump, turn off the rotary base connected to the pump, and restart the motor. After the speed is normal, open the water gate valve. If the flow is too large, you can close the small gate valve properly to adjust. otherwise the flow is too small, open the gate valve.
4. Tighten the compression nut on the packing gland evenly to make the liquid leak out in a drop shape, and pay attention to the temperature rise at the packing cavity.
5. When the operation of the diesel engine water pump is stopped, the cock of the vacuum gauge and the pressure gauge and the gate valve on the water outlet pipe should be closed first, and then when the temperature of the electric environment of the motor is low, the square screw under the pump body of the diesel engine water pump should open the plug and remove the remaining water to avoid frost cracking.
6. Do not arbitrarily increase the speed of the diesel engine water pump, but it can be used at a reduced speed.
7. The maximum temperature of the diesel engine water pump bearing should not exceed 75°C.
8. The quantity of calcium-based butter used for lubricating the bearing is preferably 1/3-1/2 of the space of the bearing body.
9. When the packing is worn, the packing gland can be properly compressed.
10. Regularly check the parts of the diesel engine water pump shaft, pay attention to the temperature rise of the motor bearing.
11. During the operation, if noise or other abnormal sounds are found, stop immediately and check the cause to eliminate it.
12. When the diesel engine water pump is stopped for a long time, the water pump should be disassembled to dry the water on the other parts, and the antirust oil should be coated on the processed surface and stored.
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