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The detection mode of diesel engine fire pumps before buying
Date: 2020-05-13
 The detection of diesel engine fire pumps is generally divided into two categories:

1. Constant speed self-test
Normal speed self-checking method simulates the actual working conditions of fire water supply in a period of time. Its detection is the whole process of fire pump startup and normal operation. The pipeline design needs to be improved. It is important to prevent the solenoid valve on the bypass line from malfunctioning, so that it opens during the self-test and closes in time after the self-test. 

2. Low-speed self-test
Low-speed self-checking method is generally only for a certain stage in the normal working conditions of fire pumps. We all know that fire pumps can generally be divided into direct start and indirect start. If it is said that in order to prevent the corrosion of the fire pump, it may be recommended to choose a low-speed self-test.

The quality of the diesel engine fire pump is actually detectable. Although many manufacturers can achieve the same appearance of the equipment, in actual use, there will be uneven quality levels. A good diesel fire pump manufacturer will not drop this link. To avoid buying inferior products, actual testing is required to check the quality of the equipment. 

Self-inspection is a good way to verify the quality of diesel fire pumps in addition to providing 3CF certification! Here, the editor reminds our customers that in order to buy the correct and effective high-quality diesel engine fire pump, it is recommended that Knowing the test results before buying.