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Introduction to the installation sequence and maintenance method of diesel water pump
Date: 2020-04-22
The assembly sequence of the diesel water pump is generally opposite to the disassembly sequence. The quality of the assembly directly affects the normal operation of the pump and affects its service life and performance parameters. Pay attention to the following points during assembly: 

1. The machining accuracy and surface roughness of the parts should be protected, and no scratches. The molybdenum disulfide used for sealing should be clean, and the tightening screws and bolts should be evenly stressed. 
2. The neutrality of the impeller outlet flow channel and the guide vane inlet flow channel is guaranteed according to the axial size of each part. The flow channel's neutrality directly affects the performance of the pump, so the product size cannot be adjusted at will. 
3. After the assembly is completed, before the packing is filled in, turn the pump rotor by hand to check whether the diesel water pump rotor is flexible and whether the axial movement reaches the specified requirements. 
4. Press the packing after passing the inspection, and pay attention to the relative position of the packing ring in the packing cavity. 

The following is the maintenance method of diesel water pump:

1. Cast iron parts such as bottom valves, elbows, etc. should be cleaned with a wire brush, then coated with anti-rust paint first, then painted, and then dried and stored in a ventilated and dry place in the machine room or storage room. . 
2. After stopping, the remaining water in the pump and the pipeline should be drained off, and the external mud should be cleaned to prevent the frozen water from freezing and swelling the pump body and the water pipe.
3. Check the ball bearings, if the inner jacket is worn, agitated, the ball is worn or there are spots on the surface, they should be replaced. Clean the bearings with available gasoline or kerosene that does not need to be replaced, grease them, and reinstall them. 
4. For belt drive, after the belt is removed, wash it with warm water, dry it, hang it in a dry place without direct sunlight, and do not store it in a place with oil stains, corrosives and smoke. In any case, do not allow the belt to get oily materials such as engine oil, diesel oil or gasoline, and do not apply rosin and other viscous materials.