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Why does the fire pump power get higher?
Date: 2019-12-11
Fire pump power refers to how much work the fire pump does in a unit of time. The amount of work is constant, the shorter the time, the greater the power value. As one of the indispensable equipment of the fire protection system, the power of the fire pump is particular. If the period becomes larger or smaller for no reason, it is a malfunction. So, what is the reason behind the fire pump power getting bigger?

The direction of rotation is error, it is recommended to check;
Impeller is damaged, to check it, if it is severely damaged, it is recommended to replace it;
Rotating parts are bitten. It is recommended to check the internal worn parts and whether the gap between the parts has become large. Replace them if severely.
The shaft is severely bent and replaced directly;

The speed value is too high, check whether the winding voltage of the motor or the steam pressure delivered to the turbine is normal, then adjust it if not normal;
The head is below the rated value and too much liquid is being pumped. It is recommended to install a throttle valve and cut the impeller;
The liquid is heavier than expected, check the specific gravity and viscosity, and pay attention to adjustment;
Stuffing box is incorrectly packed. Check packing and refill stuffing box.

The power of the fire pump refers to the power transmitted to the pump shaft by the prime motor. The prime motor mainly includes electric motors and diesel motors. Due to the different types of links, the needs of the application are different, and the power is generally different. However, as far as the fire pump itself is concerned, the power value is actually regulated. Generally, manufacturers will give corresponding introductions before the fire pumps leave the factory. In terms of daily work, the fire pump power is relatively stable. If it suddenly becomes large for no reason, it may be that other parts are malfunctioning or incorrectly operated.