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Why are the fire pumps more expensive than ordinary pumps?
Date: 2019-08-21
Why are the fire pumps more expensive than ordinary pumps?

Importance determines the price
We all know that fire pumps are a type of water pump used in fire protection systems. Ordinary water pump is the daily water supply, the demand for domestic water, and the fire pump is the water supply at the time of fire. It has the effect of prevention and rescue, and is a guarantee device for life safety and property safety. In terms of demand, ordinary pumps and fire pumps are essential necessities, but the role of fire pumps is undoubted, and the role of water supply is relatively timely. Fire pumps are rarely used, and life is saved only at critical times in the event of a fire. From this point of view, the fire pump is more important, so the price will be higher than the ordinary pump.

Technology determines the price
The fire pump is not used most of the time, may be idle for a few months, may be idle for two or three years, or longer. Mechanical equipment, which is not used for a long time, is easily damaged. Of course, in order to ensure that the fire pump plays a role at a critical time, naturally, in the design and manufacturing technology, it must be more particular. Need more reasonable structural design, more quality materials, more advanced manufacturing processes.

Material determines the price
A fire pump, in the absence of failure, the service life is obviously higher than the ordinary water pump. Ordinary pumps may be replaced due to long-term use, and fire pump may not. For this reason, in this long-term fire safety guarantee, relevant technology is needed to prevent corrosion of related parts and parts of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the fire pump is much higher in material selection than a conventional pump. In terms of impellers, which are important components of water pumps, ordinary pumps generally use materials such as cast iron, and fire pumps generally use copper alloys.

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