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Key points of using a diesel water pump - Better Technology Co., Ltd.
Date: 2019-08-14
The diesel engine pump is driven by the diesel engine through the elastic coupling. It has advanced and reasonable structure, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, reliability and convenient assembly and disassembly advantages.
Diesel driven water pumps performance layout is reasonable, user selection range is wide, easy maintenance; high efficiency. The pump is suitable for industrial and urban water supply, drainage, steel plant boiler emergency water supply, agricultural drainage and water supply or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water, the temperature is under 80 °C.

These points should be noted when using the diesel engine water pump:
1. If the diesel engine pump has any small faults, remember not to let it work. If the filler of the pump shaft is worn out, it should be added in time. If the pump is used continuously, it will leak. The direct effect of this is that the motor consumes more energy and can damage the impeller.
2. If the pump has a strong vibration during use, must stop and check what is the cause, otherwise it will cause damage to the pump.
3. When the bottom valve of the pump leaks, some people will fill it into the inlet pipe of the pump with dry soil and flush it to the bottom of the valve. This is not desirable. Because when the dry soil is put into the water inlet pipe, when the water pump starts to work, the dry soil will enter the pump, which will damage the water pump impeller and the bearing, which shortens the service life of the water pump. When the bottom valve leaks, it must be repaired. If it is serious, it needs to be replaced.
4. The pump must pay attention to maintenance after use, for example, when the pump is used up, the water in the pump should be cleaned, it is better to remove the water pipe and then rinse with water.
5. The tape on the pump should also be removed, then rinse with water and dry in the light, do not put the tape in a dark and humid place. The tape of the pump must not be stained with oil, and do not apply some sticky material to the tape.
6. Carefully check the impeller for cracks. If the impeller is fixed on the bearing, if it is cracked or loose, it should be repaired in time. If there is mud on the pump impeller, it should be cleaned up.

Pre-warning of diesel engine driven fire water pump: pre-warning is a non-serious fault state. Generally, some test parameters are close to the set value of the unit fault. The warning is used to remind the operator to pay attention to the situation that does not meet the requirements and solve it in time to ensure continuous operation of the system. When the warning occurs, the status indicator lights up, the buzzer sounds, but the fault is not locked, the unit does not stop, and the lamp will automatically go out once the fault is removed. There is an pre-warning of charging failure, low battery voltage, low oil pressure, high engine cooling water temperature, overspeed, low speed, etc., so pay attention to the sound of the product when using it.