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The technology of the diesel water pump determines its popularity
Date: 2020-04-29
The diesel water pump is often used for drainage and municipal flood control in fixed occasions. It is directly driven by the diesel engine. The self-priming diesel water pump is equipped with a reasonable water distribution head. The unit is equipped with a vacuum auxiliary system, which avoids artificial irrigation and saves time and effort.
Diesel water pumps are flat, expansion type, spiral type and so on. The impeller of the diesel water pump has gaps of different distances, there are single-stage and multi-stage distinctions, and there are closed and open types. The larger the gap, the faster the water flow speed. Of course, its premise is that the horsepower of the configured engine must meet the selection of the impeller. Compared with similar domestic products, diesel water pumps have the characteristics of simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage discharge capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient use and maintenance, etc. It has a wide application market and development prospect. Very popular with people. 

The diesel water pump has the functions of remote control in the central control room, and it can also have a field connection. The battery adopts a fully automatic floating charging method to ensure that the battery is in standby at any time. When preparing the diesel water pump for the first time, check the installation of all equipment, and start according to the following requirements: inject oil from the fuel port into the diesel water pump and the water pump suspension, and check the oil level with a dipstick to meet the required height. The diesel water pump can suck and discharge liquids containing large particles of solid and long fiber impurities, especially the new vacuum-assisted diesel water pump impeller can be made into an open impeller structure. The self-priming pump has more significant particle passing ability. 

It uses the domestic direct connection technology of diesel engine and water pump through elastic coupling, which reduces the point of failure and greatly shortens the start-up time of the fire pump set, increasing the reliability and emergency performance of the unit. The user can also request to set other alarm outputs: the diesel-powered drive pump is safely and tightly mounted on a common chassis by horizontal centrifugal pumps and diesel electrical appliances and other equipment, and is connected to the electric control box through the control line.